How to Lose a Double Chin

When you try to understand exactly how to get rid of a double chin it is important to first understand the three major causes of this most undesirable facial feature.

The first cause is genetics and there isn’t really very much that you can do about this if double chins run in your family. The other two most common causes include obesity and lazy jaw muscles and you do at least have some control over these two factors. The chances of getting such annoy chin also, of course increase with age as the skin loosens and muscle is lost.

Closely associated with diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices such as sleeping patterns, water retention in the skin can also cause skin to appear puffy and swollen on the lower face and thus contributes to this annoy chin. Women suffer from excess water retention more than men do.

One last minor contributor to double chins is bad posture. Having good posture can at least help to hide the odd appearance while bad posture can worsen and exaggerate it. After all, many people can create this type of chin for themselves that is not normally there, just by tilting their head forward far enough.

The best way to lose fat in the chin area is to start off with dieting as being overweight is the most likely cause. If you feel that you are not at all overweight yet still have an obvious double chin then the next step is to try a quick daily exercise routine involving both general exercise and specific facial exercises. General exercise should include a cardio program to develop fitness and burn fat through walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics or other similar activities. There are also specific exercises for your facial condition that can easily be performed several times a day and this method is effective for some people.

Most people can lose their chin fat by dieting as their chin is just one place where their body is storing excess fat. It is important to lower the amount of calories that are consumed each day and for most people this means eating less and changing their eating habits so that they have a more healthy diet. The ideal diet is low calorie, low fat, high in fiber and with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. There are many general diet plans that you can try and there is even one program called the Face Fitness Formula that is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate facial fat.

Chin wraps that tone and strengthen the skin around the chin are another easy option to try and lastly, for those who have exhausted all other options, there is surgery which usually involves a face lift, neck lift or liposuction. Recently a non-surgical laser treatment has also been introduced.

If you really don’t know how to lose a double chin and yours is driving you insane every time you look into the mirror don’t despair as there are many options available. Try the simple, cheaper methods first and if they don’t work then you can consider more serious options.

Inflammation and Arthritis

Inflammation Causes Cartilage Damage and Chronic Pain in Arthritis

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among Americans. About 66 million adults in the United States, nearly 1 in 3, have either been diagnosed with arthritis or are living with chronic joint pain and associated symptoms.

There are some well-established joint nutrients, such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and fish oil, for joint problems. The list continues to grow, with new products added each year. Nonetheless, many Americans are still suffering from progressive cartilage damage and chronic pain, which confines them to a lifetime of dependency on high doses of drugs.

Inflammation is an important component in all forms of arthritis (including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and septic arthritis). Inflammation also contributes to various chronic pain symptoms, such as back pain, neck pain, and muscle pain. Effective control of inflammation in cartilage, muscular tissues, and connective tissues that surround bones and nerves, is the key to slow progression of arthritis and tissue damage.  

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Have Serious Side Effects  

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or prescription drugs are often the treatment choice for arthritis. However, these drugs have serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcer. It has been estimated that each year these drugs contribute to at least 16,500 deaths and more than 100,000 hospitalizations in the United States.

A more recent study of people in Spain concluded that approximately one in three hospitalizations or deaths due to gastrointestinal bleeding could be attributed to NSAIDs. Sadly, the newer drugs, such as selective COX-2 inhibitors, also have serious side effects including increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death.

Natural Remedies Relieve Inflammation without Side Effects  

FlameEz-Joint is a scientifically formulated natural remedy for arthritis. The formula is designed to promote balanced immune and inflammatory responses for arthritis relief and deliver an optimum level of performance with unsurpassed safety and potency.

The active ingredients of FlameEz-Joint work synergistically to balance inflammatory and the immune responses. The formula works as a powerful cleanser to remove toxic substances, i.e., inflammatory cells and their metabolites and debris. After effective removal of toxic substances from cartilage and connective tissues, the damaged tissue can then begin to repair and rebuild.

By keeping inflammation under control, FlameEz-Joint will:

Reduce collagen matrix breakdown and slow down cartilage degeneration*
Ease joint and back pain*
Improve joint flexibility and mobility*
Maintain healthy joint and cartilage structure*
Complement joint nutrients for optimal repair of damaged joints*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Setting Goals

As-Salaamu alaykum shuara,muslimfitforlife,guests!

“Perhaps the maintaing is the hardest but alhamdulillaah being half-way balanced in our goals is better than nothing and surely in striving is great reward inshaAllaah.”-shuara

Thanks for the wisdom shuara,and muslimfitforlife!I try to remember that goals in the life of this world are important,and that Islam is meant to be lived “out there,in the REAL world” and not just as theory in the masjid, or on the computer.

However,it is our “niyyah” or intention that,I believe,should always remain priority number one.Our goals are always being challenged by external,and more importantly~internal,forces.

A daily revision of our short and long term goals with Muslims close to us,and in our rememberence/supplication to Allah(subhana wa t’ala) not only keeps us in “reality check” about our goals,it allows us to prioritize our ever changing time-constraints and challenges in life with those very goals.

In the U.S. we have a somewhat crude colloquialism that I’ll more politely refer to as:”STUFF happens”,meaning(to me as a Muslim) life (via Qadr through the Majesty of Allah) CONSTANTLY challenges our intentions to test our love/fortitude for Him.This IS an act of love,and the ultimate purpose of our life as Muslims.

“Goals for the sake of goals” MUST leave us drained and disappointed,even when we MEET THOSE “goals”.
Sometimes the things/achievements that we think we want are the absolute worst things/achievements for us to “obtain”.

I’m 39/40(solar/lunar,so I’m “islamically 40″ hahaha),and am at a very reflective time in my life,accompanied by a recent 35-40 pound weight loss(20 to go,insha’Allah) and a reflective rvision of where I want the rest of my half-over/half-left life to go.Allah knows best.Allah is “The Knower” and has ALREADY DECIDED which of my goals will be met,and which ones won’t.It is indeed in our “striving for great reward” that is the most imperative part of our lives.

In retrospect,some of the greatest blessings that I’ve had in my “early middle-aged life” seemed like DEVASTATING hardships at the time.The self-doubt,guilt,delusion over sins or “unmet goals” can overwhelm us in the moment.

We’ve all been there,even the youngest of the readers here have experienced this in their young lives.

Allah remembers those who REMEMBER HIM in adversity and strength,sickness and health,poverty and wealth.
However,I don’t want to take away anything from this post,or what muslimfitforlife is doing in general with this site:It’ DESPERATELY needed,especially for brothers(we don’t discuss excercise,diet,grooming,finance,and the like enough with each other).And it is guidance in those areas of life,in addition to the “spiritual guidance” that Islam provides,that brought many converts like myself to this wonderful way of life 13 years ago,al-hamdulillah!

Jazak Allah Khayr(Thanks),

~Musa(“Marquis”,”Rooted On Clouds”,whatever…☺)

@~Musa(“Marquis”,”Rooted On Clouds”,whatever…☺) LOL!!, Jazaka allahu Khayr for the wonderful input. Like Shuara said, it is maintaining and being balanced that sometimes present even a greater challenge than the goals themselves. You gave some valuable input here and thanks for sharing.